The Brookfield-NYPD Nexus

Last month, LittleSis first reported that Mayor Bloomberg’s longtime partner, Diana Taylor, sits on the board of Brookfield Properties, which owns Zuccotti Park. The connection was subsequently noted in a number of media outlets, and Bloomberg was asked about it (ignoring obvious conflict of interest issues, he sidestepped by saying that “pillow talk” at his house was not about the protests).

New research shows that that kind of coziness extends a few steps down the food chain from the billionaire mayor and his ilk, to the Brookfield Properties security team and the NYPD, which have acted hand in hand to guard Zuccotti Park since the eviction on Tuesday. Research on Brookfield’s security apparatus shows that the company has strong ties to the NYPD, through current and former police officials.

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The One Percent’s Social Calendar

While the 99 percent occupy Wall Street, the one percent continue to occupy themselves with conferences, galas, fundraisers, luncheons, performances, and other events where they can enjoy each other’s company, network, do good works, and so on. Super-rich New Yorkers love to complain about the state’s taxes, but they simply cannot do without the social opportunities afforded to them by New York City. Where else can you rub elbows with fellow billionaires, take in high culture, and support your favorite causes, all at the same time, every night of the week?

In the spirit of efforts like the Sunlight Foundation’s, we’ve decided to compile listings of these events and share them in the form of a One Percent’s Social Calendar. The calendar lists events around New York City that are expected to draw super-wealthy and powerful one percenters: people like Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, David Koch, real estate billionaire Jerry Speyer, Citigroup executive and former Obama OMB director Peter Orszag, austerity puppetmaster Pete Peterson, and many more. The calendar, which is below, was put together by’s One Percent Watch research group.

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