Mapping the Shadow Government: Booz Allen Hamilton

LittleSis has established a new Shadow Gov Working Group to investigate corporations that are key players in the shadow gov space. These companies tend to profit from the privatization of core regulatory and other government functions; are dominated by former government officials, and also boast extensive alumni networks in government; derive much of their revenue either from government sources or through dealing with government extensively; and are not traditional lobbying firms (in other words, their top executives and staff do not register as lobbyists). The name of this research group is inspired by the Open Government Working Group established by Barack Obama in 2009, at the same time his administration was developing plans for an unprecedented crackdown on government whistleblowers. If you are interested in helping us shine some light on these organizations, please consider joining the research group. Or if you just want to stay in touch, get more regular updates from us on twitter or facebook, or sign up for our email list.


The recent and ongoing NSA surveillance revelations have shone a productive spotlight on the role of private contractors in gathering and analyzing national intelligence. Edward Snowden’s former employer, Booz Allen Hamilton, was singled out for its role as an NSA contractor and the fact that almost all of its revenue comes directly from the federal government. But the exact breadth of its role in the intelligence community and how it maintains its powerful relationship with the government remains shrouded in mystery.

This is where Booz thrives – in the shadows – but here at LittleSis we have been working to shine some additional sunlight on Booz and the ways in which it cultivates influence and wins contracts.

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