LittleSis News highlights timely, new investigative research on power and influence by the staff of the Public Accountability Initiative, the nonprofit watchdog group that develops and maintains LittleSis (LittleSis – the opposite of Big Brother – is a free, open database of who-knows who at the heights of business and government).

Though we take up many topics, we tend to focus our work around issues related to the energy and finance industries. Since we are based in Buffalo, NY, we also focus a portion of our time on investigating the regional power structure here.

Our investigative research has garnered significant coverage and generated substantial impact over the years – resulting, for instance, in the recusal of a US Senator and the resignation of a foundation president.

Many of the stories published here also feature network maps developed with the LittleSis mapping tool, Oligrapher. Anyone who signs up for a LittleSis account can create maps, and the software is also free and open source, meaning that you can install it and modify it for your own purposes if you or someone on your team has the requisite development skills.

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