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Of buddies and buyouts: Carlyle Group’s revolving door

Private equity firm The Carlyle Group recently announced that it was bringing on former Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachowski as a managing director and partner in its buyout group. As well-connected hires go, Carlyle couldn’t do much better than Genachowski; a friend and basketball buddy of Obama since his Harvard Law Review days, he led the Obama campaign’s 2008 internet fundraising strategy and became a campaign bundler. Now Genachowski is free to use his weighty influence to identify and gobble up tech, media, and telecommunications companies with Carlyle’s latest US buyout fund, valued at $13 billion.

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Digging Deep on a Private Equity Duo

Stephen Schwarzman and David Rubenstein are co-founders of two of the largest private equity firms in the world, the Blackstone Group and the Carlyle Group.  Both are under investigation by the bubble baron research group, with seanhartnett and Dan doing a tremendous job researching their networks and following their money.

As it turns out, Schwarzman and Rubenstein are closely connected to one another through a number of shared institutional affiliations.  So far, Dan and seanhartnett have connected both of them to JP Morgan, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Asia Society, the Business Council, and the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.  Rubenstein rises to the top of Schwarzman’s interlocks tab, and vice versa.

Two days ago, Dan noticed that Rubenstein was succeeding Schwarzman as chair of the Kennedy Center, and wrote a note:

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